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FYI…Children are in booster seats a little longer


boosterseat.jpgDo you have a toddler under the age of 5? Are you a Floridian? Well if so, brushing up on the current and upcoming Florida Law concerning toddlers and car seats may be in your best interest, as the current Florida Law will soon be changing.


Governor Rick Scott signed the Child Motor Safety Bill HB 225, last month that is set to take effect January 1, 2015. This bill raises the minimum age requirements for toddlers to be put in car seats from three to five years of age.


The current law only requires children up to age 3 to be in a restraining device.  According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida as well as South Dakota had been the only two states that did not require children to use booster seats up to the age of 5.


As parents, it is important to know the laws concerning your children, not only for the safety of your child but also to avoid getting a moving violation, as the cost of a citation for not having your child in a restraining device on average is $100. Moving violations stay on your Motor Vehicle Report for a minimum of three years and have a direct effect on your policy premium.


Laws are constantly changing make sure you know the laws and requirements of your state.


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