How Much Should Liability Insurance Cost?

business1Factors that affect Liability Insurance


There are several factors that decide the price on Liability Insurance:


  • The number of employees and the sub-contractors cost (many do not understand their sub-contractors effect there rate even when they carry there own insurance).
  • How many Owners – if one of the owners is not active or is not in the field working, sometimes we can exclude them.
  • Gross receipts – total that you bring in to the business before you pay all your expenses.
  • The type of work that you do – insurance companies call them class codes. Each type of job description will be placed with a code or similar risk and can be grouped together.


There are several factors that can hinder you with some companies:


  • Prior claims or knowledge that a claim could arise
  • Job type or description
  • How many years of experience
  • More sub-contractors than employees


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Don Westerfeld 11/11/2010 6:53:00 PM

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