Lower Hurricane Deductible Options

We have been in business quite awhile and have been through several hurricanes but hurricane Irma really showed who and what was covered. We found a lot of insured did not realize how high there deductible is for Hurricanes. We also found that our insureds did not know there was a lower hurricane deductible option.

In Florida the 2%, 5% and 10 % deductible is a calendar year deductible, which means that it is a percentage of your structure amount of our dwelling. For Instance $100,000 thousand dollar house with a 2% deductible you would be responsible for the first $2,000 dollars from a named storm event.

Calendar year deductible. If there is multiple storms and you have more than one hurricane claim once it is met then you have no deductible.

In the past few years some carriers have started offering Hurricane Deductibles as low as $500.00 dollars.

Contact us today and find out more so you will not be caught with High out of pocket cost for minimal difference in price when the next storm is coming in.

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About the Author Don

Don Westerfeld has been active in the field of Insurance and Financial Planning since 1997. Don grew up in Indiana later moving to Lakeland Florida where he continues to reside with his wife and children. When he’s not in the office you can find him enjoying the great outdoors. He has served on several charitable business and non-profit organizations and continues to provide guidance, advice and support to local charities.