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How Much Will Life Insurance Cost You?


Life Insurance rates have been getting less expensive as mortality tables have been adjusted. If you are thinking of purchasing Life Insurance, it is best to purchase it before your birthday.


A few questions you should think about:


  • How many years do I need the insurance for?
  • How much insurance do I need? if I die what do I want to take care of? Burial cost, loss of income, Child education, etc.
  • What type of insurance: Term Insurance or Permanent Insurance
  • Do I need any Riders or extras such as return of premium, child rider, waver of premium, accidental death, etc.


Looking in to the average cost for a funeral is over $12,000 dollars. No one plans to die and once you get sick a lot of times it is too late to apply for life insurance or it may be to expensive because of your health.


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Don Westerfeld 10/4/2010 9:42:00 PM

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