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When You are Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Shopping around for auto insurance is the best way to make sure you are getting the best deal.  But not every agent or insurance company quotes in the same way.

It’s important to be sure you are comparing apples to apples when you compare auto insurance quotes to ensure that you are getting a great deal.  That low price may come with lower coverage or higher deductibles and might not be such a great deal after all.  Learn how to compare auto insurance quotes for a truly good rate.

Are The Coverages The Same?

When you read over an auto insurance quote (and do read it-ask for it to be emailed or faxed to you, as mistakes can be made over the phone!) look to be sure that the numbers listed for liability limits, uninsured motorist coverage, and the comprehensive and collision deductibles match up.  Then look for additional coverages that are listed on the quote, such as roadside assistance.  Make sure that all of the quotes you compare list exactly the same coverage, for accurate comparison.

Is The Policy Term The Same?

Some rates look absolutely incredible-until you realize the policy term is only six months.  Some companies offer different policy terms as well as different payment plan options.  If you plan to make monthly payments on your policy, be sure to ask for the monthly premium.  It isn’t necessarily as simple as dividing a yearly premium by twelve.  Many insurance companies charge fees for the privilege of paying your premium on a monthly basis, which can make the total yearly cost of the policy higher than quoted.

Are The Discounts The Same?

An auto insurance rate may appear lower because it was quoted with a discount such as auto/home which you may not necessarily qualify for or desire.  If you don’t plan to take out a homeowner’s policy with the same company, make sure they haven’t quoted it that way.  Also check for other discounts; they won’t all match up, as every company offers different discount options.  The best thing to do is to compare which discounts you do qualify for, with each company, to help determine who is offering the best discounts.  Be on the lookout for discounts that don’t actually apply to you and will likely be removed by underwriting after you accept the policy.

A good quote will be simple, straightforward, and easy to read.  It will outline all of the coverage included in the quote and apply only those discounts for which you truly qualify.  An inaccurately low rate in the quote won’t do you much good if it changes once you accept the policy.

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Car Insurance: Buying Car Insurance In The 21’st Century

autogirl1Buying car insurance can seem like a daunting task, but there are often steps you can take to make it a little easier. First, decide what kind of insurance coverage you are going to need.


There are different variations from state to state on minimum insurance you have to carry, so obviously your first goal is to meet this minimum requirement. From there, you can pick and choose what kind of coverage you need. If you have a lot of assets, liability insurance is a must.
Bodily injury liability insurance is also important, as medical bills can be expensive. General recommendations for insurance state that you should get at least $250,000 in bodily injury liability for one person injured in an accident, $500,000 for all people injured in accident, and $100,000 property damage liability.


You should also take into consideration other factors like how good of a driver you are, and how far you have to drive for your daily commute when considering your insurance coverage. Once you have a general idea of what insurance will be the most important in your next policy, review your current policy in order to see how much you are paying and how much coverage you are already receiving.


Also look at your driving record – if tickets you have earned are about to disappear from the record, wait a little longer to get a quote, as this will have an effect on your insurance quotes. Look around when getting quotes as well – there are many different websites that will allow you to get free online quotes. You should have on hand your current insurance policy, drivers license number and vehicle registration in order to complete this task. Once you have gathered this information you will be able to compare your potential annual and monthly rates.


Call the companies as well, work your options and try to see if there are any discounts you might be able to receive – often if you are a driver with few tickets there are “good driving discounts” you can receive, and young drivers have the opportunity to use their higher grade-point averages as a discount on their insurance. Once you have selected a policy, make sure to review all of the details before you actually sign, including what sort of parts will be available to you when your car has been in an accident and how long it will take the company to pay for such damages.


Finally, once you have secured the new auto policy you want, it is important to cancel your old coverage. Make sure to carry proof of your car insurance with you in either your wallet or glove compartment, and you are good to go!

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Make the Most of Your Tax Return

fistcashMaking the most with your tax return!

Taxpayers of any income level can file free with forms on the IRS site. Details and links at here.


If you do your own tax return and your adjusted gross income is $58,000 or less, you can file free from the IRS website, using Free File software. Or you can use the program on line or work with a cooperating company such as Turbo tax or H&R Block. Each company has its own criteria for who is eligible to file free with its program.


When you need human help, there are a number of companies, organizations and volunteers provide free tax-filing help in Florida.


Here are some places you can get free tax help in Florida:

  • AARP Tax-Aide. This program provides free help to low to moderate-income taxpayers of any age, with special attention to people over 60. Most of the aides are in libraries or senior centers, and it’s best to make an appointment. You can find a site at www.aarp.org/money/taxes/aarp_taxaide.
  • H&R Block will prepare your 1040EZ tax return for free through Feb. 15. Find a location here.
  • The IRS’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program will file your return for free if you meet income guidelines, generally under $49,000 a year, according to the IRS website. To locate the nearest VITA site, call 1-800-906-9887 or go to here.

Most of the volunteer programs will file your return electronically for free, which speeds your refund, especially if you elect to have it deposited directly into your bank account. Otherwise, the IRS is providing refunds on debit cards this year.


When they load your card or fund your account you can quickly get car insurance over the phone or come into the office. Contact us today!

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How Can You Get A Discount on your Car Insurance?

autogirl1Making sure you look out for all the auto insurance discounts that are available to you!

Three areas of opportunities to save money that you should pay very close attention to whether you are shopping for car insurance or saving money on your current policy:

  • Driver discounts:
    • Good student, Usually 3.o higher and full time student.
    • safe driver,
    • defensive driver coarse,
    • job title
    •  age,
    • gender,
    • married.
  • Vehicle discounts:
    •  Anti-lock breaks,
    • airbag,
    • alarm systems,
    • mileage.
  • General policy discounts: Purchase early discount, good credit discount, prior insurance, homeowner, paperless.

Contact us and we would be more than happy to review your current policy or give you a comparable quote.

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