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Do You Need A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

commerical autoIf you run a business that requires the use of vehicles for company activities, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial insurance policies are designed to protect you against the wide variety of liability issues you face when you have employees on the road using your vehicles.


What Happens Without a Commercial Auto Policy?


Without a commercial auto policy, you and your company will be held accountable for property damage and injuries if an accident occurs. Only a commercial policy can protect you and your business from financial disaster.


How Many Cars/Trucks Do You Need For a Commercial Auto Policy?


Whether your company has one car or a hundred delivery vans, there is a commercial policy that will suit your needs. You can obtain individual commercial policies for each vehicle the company uses or choose a fleet policy if you have more than a few cars.


You have other insurance policies to protect your company from liability, fire, theft, and other potentially ruinous events. Commercial auto is the policy that will protect your company when you or your employees are on the road.


Don Westerfeld 11/13/2014 2:47:00 PM

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What Type of Liability Coverage Do You Need For Your Business?

business1No matter what type of business you run, you need to protect your interests with the right liability insurance policy. Every company needs a variety of different types of insurance; some of these policies are the same no matter what kind of business you have, while others might be specific to your industry. One of the coverage’s that remains the same across the board is general liability coverage.


Your general liability policy is one of the most important you will select as a business owner; it takes only a quick look at the news to see the array of claims consumers have made against companies in recent years. Many of these lawsuits ended in favor of the claimant. Without good liability coverage, your company could wind up paying these claims out of pocket. Take the time to make sure you have selected liability coverage that meets all of your needs and potential risks.


What General Liability Is For


There are a number of different types of liability policies you can purchase to protect yourself from potential financial responsibility. General liability is one of the less specific forms of coverage and provides a generalized, overall coverage for liability claims resulting from a wide array of possible incidents. While it will not protect you from everything, a good general liability policy provides you with a solid foundation.


A general liability policy gives you coverage for defense from lawsuits and to pay out financial claims when negligence on your part can be proven. It prevents your company from facing potentially serious financial damage due to property damage, injuries, or any other claim that can be proven to be a result of your company’s actions or products.


Choose Your Policy Carefully


When you select a liability policy for your company, you should first make certain that the policy covers you from all angles. If you have specific risks that are not covered by general liability, you may want to purchase additional policies to provide that coverage. It is important to understand what is covered by your general liability policy and what is not; waiting until a claim occurs is not the best time to discover the exclusions in your policy!


Be certain that a few basics are being covered by your general liability policy. You want to be sure that you have good public liability coverage-meaning that members of the general public who might sustain injury or loss as a result of negligence on your company’s part can be compensated. You also need to be sure that you have enough coverage to protect yourself properly.


Don Westerfeld 8/26/2014 8:38:00 AM

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Commercial Auto Policy, Who and What is Covered?

commercial trudksYou count on a commercial auto policy to protect your business from liability risks incurred when you or an employee gets behind the wheel for business purposes. To get the most from your commercial policy, you need to know what it covers and, more importantly, what it doesn’t.


When you set up a commercial auto policy, you must ensure that every potential driver who might get behind the wheel is listed on your policy. As new employees join your company, you must contact your insurance agent or the company directly and ensure they are added to the procedure. If anyone not listed as a driver gets behind the wheel, you risk being denied coverage in case of an accident. A commercial auto policy can and will protect all of the drivers in your business, but only if you are sure they have been appropriately added as insured drivers.

There are several types of commercial auto policies. Under an individual auto policy, a specific car owned by the business is covered for liability and other options you may choose. When you have a fleet policy, you will have a single policy covering every vehicle the company owns. Like adding new drivers, you should be sure to add and remove cars as needed to keep your policy current.

A commercial insurance policy covers you for property damage and injuries to others that occur due to a covered driver’s actions. That means that if your employee is found to be at fault in an accident, the commercial auto policy will kick in and prevent your business from becoming the target of a lawsuit for damages. Why does this matter? Because if you don’t have the coverage you need, your business could face financial ruin. When a company is involved, lawsuits are more likely; injured parties see the likelihood of a higher financial payout. Your commercial auto policy protects you from this lawsuit, providing coverage for the liability you take when you let employees drive your vehicles.

A commercial auto policy also protects you from damage that can be done to the vehicles you own in the course of business use. Vehicles that are on the road more often-as, many business vehicles, are-are at a higher risk of being damaged. Your commercial policy protects you from drivers’ errors, theft, vandalism, and other damage.

While you are careful in choosing the people you hire, everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, when someone is driving a vehicle owned by your company, you can be held responsible for those mistakes. Commercial auto insurance ensures your business won’t face a disaster due to an accident.


Don Westerfeld 8/5/2014 10:36:00 AM

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