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Car Insurance: Buying Car Insurance In The 21’st Century

autogirl1Buying car insurance can seem like a daunting task, but there are often steps you can take to make it a little easier. First, decide what kind of insurance coverage you are going to need.


There are different variations from state to state on minimum insurance you have to carry, so obviously your first goal is to meet this minimum requirement. From there, you can pick and choose what kind of coverage you need. If you have a lot of assets, liability insurance is a must.
Bodily injury liability insurance is also important, as medical bills can be expensive. General recommendations for insurance state that you should get at least $250,000 in bodily injury liability for one person injured in an accident, $500,000 for all people injured in accident, and $100,000 property damage liability.


You should also take into consideration other factors like how good of a driver you are, and how far you have to drive for your daily commute when considering your insurance coverage. Once you have a general idea of what insurance will be the most important in your next policy, review your current policy in order to see how much you are paying and how much coverage you are already receiving.


Also look at your driving record – if tickets you have earned are about to disappear from the record, wait a little longer to get a quote, as this will have an effect on your insurance quotes. Look around when getting quotes as well – there are many different websites that will allow you to get free online quotes. You should have on hand your current insurance policy, drivers license number and vehicle registration in order to complete this task. Once you have gathered this information you will be able to compare your potential annual and monthly rates.


Call the companies as well, work your options and try to see if there are any discounts you might be able to receive – often if you are a driver with few tickets there are “good driving discounts” you can receive, and young drivers have the opportunity to use their higher grade-point averages as a discount on their insurance. Once you have selected a policy, make sure to review all of the details before you actually sign, including what sort of parts will be available to you when your car has been in an accident and how long it will take the company to pay for such damages.


Finally, once you have secured the new auto policy you want, it is important to cancel your old coverage. Make sure to carry proof of your car insurance with you in either your wallet or glove compartment, and you are good to go!

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