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sr22 Insurance: Do You Need It?

Traffic accident and to drivers fightingYou know what they say driving is a privilege.


Florida sr22 insurance is a policy that is required by state law for drivers who have committed one of various offenses. An sr22 policy is a financial agreement between the driver’s insurance company and the driver. This agreement is them created into a separate policy from the auto insurance, and is provided to the Florida DMV.


Florida sr22 insurance coverage can cost between Three hundred and two thousand dollars annually, depending on the severity of the offense and the duration of the sentence. However, financial help is available in the form of driving classes, student discount, homeowner discount, multi policy discount and other DMV programs.


The Florida sr22 insurance certificate that provides proof of the agreement is required to be sent to the DMV at a more frequent rate than normal auto insurance. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a fine, or for multiple missed deadlines, could result in a suspended license.


In addition to having to carry your auto insurance with you at all times in your vehicle, a Florida sr22 insurance certificate must also be carried by those who need it, these days it is usually filed electronically. Failure to produce this document upon request by DMV officials or law enforcement will be treated the same as failing to provide proof of insurance. This could increase your mandatory sr22 sentence.


In Florida, first time offenders of failing to provide proof of insurance will receive a mandate to maintain a Florida sr22 insurance policy for up to three years.


If the offender has a previously existing insurance policy and is required to obtain Florida sr22 insurance, then the offender will have to contact the insurance provider to determine whether or not they provide sr22 insurance. If the provider does not have sr22 insurance, then it will be mandatory for the offender to switch to an insurance company that does.
For a driver that loses their vehicle and is issued with a Florida sr22 insurance mandate, then the policy must still be fulfilled by a non-owners policy. Florida sr22 insurance must be acquired by those that violate the rules of the road, there are no exceptions.


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The Low Cost Car Insurance In Polk County

Car Insurance in Polk County is substantially lower.Beautiful girl enjoying her new car

Insurance companies will vary from county to county even zip code to zip code. So if you are moving from Orlando to Lakeland you will be happy and if you are moving from Lakeland to Orlando you might be upset with the rates.


Even if you have a child take a vehicle to college, the insurance company will want to change the garaging zip code to charge for the area the vehicle is in.



There are some new discounts that are available:

  • Prior insurance for at least six months with a lapse not over 30 days.
  • If you have not moved in the last year and if you have lived there longer than two years.
  • Buy the insurance at least 7 to 10 days ahead of time.
  • Paperless discount for having all your paperwork emailed to you.

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