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How to Enjoy Your Motorcycle and Avoid Danger

bike1Motorcycle accidents are dangerous on many levels. Not only are you more likely to sustain an injury in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident (in 2006, studies showed that there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents), but they can also be costly to insure. To make sure that you are safe on your motorcycle and your premiums stay low, here are some tips on how to enjoy your bike and stay away from danger:


  • Always Wear a Helmet: Helmets can significantly reduce the risk of head injury in a motorcycle accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37 out of 100 motorcycle fatalities could have been prevented if riders wore helmets. Ensure your helmet meets the Department of Transportation standards, and keep one available for passengers.
  • Get Professional Training: Professional training can help save your life, as more than 90 percent of bikers involved in a motorcycle accident are self-taught or learned how to ride from a friend.
  • Wear Protective Clothing: Goggles, sunglasses, a jacket, gloves, long pants, and boots can all be used to protect yourself from injuries like road rash.
  • Maintain Your Bike: Keep your bike in good working condition, frequently checking your brakes, tires, and lights.
  • Know Your Skill Level: Before entering the main roads, ensure you are prepared. Going on a busy highway is not the best place to test your new skills as a new rider.

Keeping these things in mind will make you more likely to stay safe on the roadways with your motorcycle. Even if you are being careful, it is essential to have insurance, as accidents can happen. Contact Lock Insurance today to learn more about our motorcycle insurance plans.

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Motorcycle Insurance… Why get it?

letysmaller2Why get it?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an estimated 1,222,000 persons were treated in a U.S. emergency department (ED) for a non-fatal motorcycle-related injury. This means that although motorcycle insurance is not required chances of needing it are great. Because there are so many uninsured drivers in Florida a non at fault accident may not necessarily be covered. You cannot assume that the person who hit you has insurance.


Damage to your motorcycle may not be covered and the medical bills that you incur may also not be covered, leaving the financial burden to you and in some cases your family.


What is the cost?

The average cost for motorcycle insurance in Florida varies. Just like any other insurance coverage you choose to purchase, age, driving record, the age and model of the bike and other determining factors are taken into consideration when premiums are calculated.


Males and youthful drivers like most automobile insurance on average pay more; however all other discounts do apply. If you own a home you may be eligible for a discount, if you’ve taken safety courses or if you have an overall good driving record you could see reduced premiums. Coverage like anything else can be catered to your specific needs and adjusted to fit your budget.


A peace of mind…

Motorcyclists have to share the road with vehicles of all sizes from Hybrid smart cars to Eighteen Wheelers and because the population across the county has tremendously increased the chances of a collision with another vehicle also increased. The highways, interstates and inner city roads have become increasingly denser, creating more and more blind spots for the other driver, making the commute for a motorcyclist increasingly more dangerous.


Statistics show that most vehicle accidents happen within a mile of the driver’s home. So distance in most cases is not a factor. Don’t base your decision to not purchase motorcycle insurance on assumptions. Call your local agent and see what a motorcycle quote will cost you. It is worth doing.

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Motorcycle Insurance

motorcycleA motorcycle is a significant investment. Before you run your motor and head out on the highway this season, you owe it to yourself to ensure your insurance is up-to-date and you’re adequately covered.


“Just as riding a motorcycle is much different than driving a car, riders should know that their motorcycle insurance needs are different, too,” said Rick Stern, motorcycle product manager, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies.


Here are some tips:

Consider additional liability coverage.


If you have significant assets, it may be to your benefit to carry a higher limit just in case you are involved in an accident that causes injury to someone else or property damage.


Update your policy.

Verify that all your coverages are still in force. Be aware that some companies have a winter layaway period during which some coverages are restricted.


Check with your insurance company to see if you have any limited coverage.

Note any changes, such as additional riders or a new garaging address. A quick call to your independent agent or insurance company will ensure coverage that reflects your current needs.


Look into medical payments coverage.

Medical payments coverage pays your medical bills and your passenger’s and is available in limits up to $25,000 in most states.


Make sure custom parts and equipment are covered.

Additional parts such as chrome plating, a custom paint job, saddlebags, or special rims usually increase the value of your motorcycle and may not be covered. If you’ve added any custom parts or equipment, you’ll want to check your policy or call your independent agent to ensure they’re covered.


Know your options.

Rates can vary, so shop around to see if another company offers you a better rate or if you qualify for any discounts. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, consider raising your deductibles. Doing so can help to lower the cost of your policy.

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