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Home Robbery

Simple Ways to Deter Burglars from Breaking into Your Home

Do you live in an area where crime is on the rise? If you live in Lakeland, the answer is yes. According to the FBI, property crimes in 2017 were 48% higher in Lakeland than the rest of Florida and 58% higher than the national average.  You’ve worked hard to purchase your home and furnish it; you need to protect your investments. With that idea in mind, here are some tips on how to protect your home from would-be burglars.

Secure Means Safe

A recent study at the University of North Carolina ‘s criminology department found that burglars avoid homes that have security systems or that they believe have security systems. If the robber sees multiple cameras situated in various angles, they know there is a greater chance the authorities will apprehend them. Having a home security system can give you both peace of mind, and in some cases bring discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. 

If you don’t want to spend the money on a home security system, then signs and decals placed around the home can act as a deterrent, but experienced crooks may not fall for the ruse. Remember, most burglaries take place between two and three in the afternoon when most homes are empty. Be sure that if you decide to install a security system, it not only alerts the police but you as well.

Home Security Technology

Many of the new “doorbell” type security systems have speakers that allow you via your smartphone to warn encroaching burglars that you are aware of the situation and that the police are on the way. Motion activated lighting on the exterior of your home is another simple way to deter burglars. Experienced burglars may spot motion activated lights and know how to get around them, but given the choice of a home with motion activated lights, or a neighbor’s house without them, most of the time criminals will avoid a home with lights.

Make sure that your home has secure locks that cannot be easily picked; this in of itself can act as a deterrent to burglars.  A big loud dog is also an excellent deterrent to burglars; they do not want the hassle of placating your dog and will move on. Make sure that things that could tempt a burglar are not in plain sight. Having expensive tools left out on the driveway will entice crooks to investigate further. If you have an expensive piece of art or collectible, don’t place it where it can easily be seen from the street. Likewise, easily visible TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and computers should be placed in areas that conceal them.

A Safe Means Secure

If you have valuable jewelry or keep large amounts of cash on hand, you should be using a safe to protect them. The type could be a wall safe, drop safe, or a safe bolted to the floor. It is also an excellent place to store financial documents, data storage devices, and family heirlooms.

Fake-Out Burglars

If you are going on vacation a simple way to deter burglars is to make them think your home when you are not there. In the digital age which we find ourselves, it has never been easier to fool criminals. Smart devices in your home can be activated remotely through your home’s Wi-Fi even when you are not there. Smart plugs can let you turn lights, TVs, stereos, appliances and other things on and off while you are away giving your home the appearance that it is occupied.

Be sure not to post vacation or travel photos on social media until you return home; this is especially true if you have a lot of friends or followers on your social media accounts.

Make sure you document all your home’s valuables in the event your home is broken into, and items were stolen. There are many apps that let you create a home inventory right from your smartphone and make the task easier.

Keeping burglars away from your home is simpler than ever. Should you have any questions about homeowners insurance coverage for burglaries, contact us via email here or call us at (863) 646-LOCK.

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Protect Your Home from Fires!

burnthouseAccording to FEMA there are an estimated 405,000 in residential home fires a year and 4.7 billion in property loss. The fact is, some of these fires could have been prevented or damage mitigated if the residents had been alerted early. The average cost of a smoke alarm is ten dollars and the astonishing fact is that 6% of Americans do not have them. When millions are paid out a year in insurance claims, everyone pays.


To the policyholder, a fire claim can cause your homeowner premiums to rise dramatically; it can also cause your policy to be non-renewed from your current insurance carrier.


To make matters worse, a fire claim can hinder and in most cases prevent any other potential insurance carrier from underwriting your policy. Claims in general affect everyone, because insurance companies have to offset cost, rate increases across the board are a factor, so don’t be surprised if you too see a rate increase on your policy.


In an ideal world preventing a claim would be the way to go, but prevention is not always an option… Lessoning the damage is the next best thing.


A few things to consider:

  • First, make sure you have a proper working smoke alarm, replacing the batteries when needed.
  • Second, make sure candles are blown out, stoves are turned off, and appliances unplugged, among other things.
  • Third, make sure you know the location of your fire extinguisher and more importantly make sure it has been service, as fire extinguishers do not normally expire, however some may need to be recharged.

Taking pride in your home means more than just keeping it clean, it also means keeping it safe.

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