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Young Drivers Insurance


Many drivers are concerned about the cost of insuring a beginner driver, new driver pricing varies GRADsignificantly depending on several factors, and these drivers can take several measures to reduce the price.


Things to Consider:

  • Geography
  • Average Cost
  • Recommendations

Though adding a new driver to an insurance policy will almost certainly cause a significant increase in the insurance premium, parents and drivers can take some measures to minimize the impact. We recommend shopping around for rates, as some companies offer lower rates for new drivers and others use pricing schemes that automatically assign the most expensive driver to the most expensive vehicle on the policy, and some companies offer different discounts such as;

  • Drivers training
  • Good Student
  • Snapshot from Progressive
  • Living at home

We recommend that new drivers carry the highest affordable deductible to reduce premium payments.


  • Many parents add teens as additional drivers on existing policies. This maneuver tends to lower the driver’s premiums. Listing an additional driver is typically cheaper than creating a new approach. The type of car the beginner drives also affects the insurance rate; sporty and powerful vehicles cost more to insure than large sedans and pick-up trucks. If the new driver receives a traffic citation, the price can climb considerably, and beginners who get into an accident can expect significantly higher insurance bills.
  • Geography plays a considerable role in the price of car insurance, both for beginners and experienced drivers. Bigger cities, places of higher fraud cases and stolen cars, and congestion can impact your rate.
  • Though specific figures on insurance costs vary significantly from state to state and even from insurer to insurer, it typically increases by 50 to 200 percent of the premium. Annual costs for teen drivers usually amount to between $1,000 and $4,000.

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